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Mt. Tabor Grand Lodge
Grand Matron Angela Ware

Angela Ware was born in Shreveport, Louisiana and grew up in Houston, Texas.  Upon her stepfather’s discharge from the United States Army the family moved to the Third Ward area.  Angela attended Jack Yates Senior High School and San Jacinto Jr. College Central Location. 

Angela worked for the St. Luke’s Episcopal Health Systems for 12 years, and showed an aptitude for hard work, flexibility in dealing with all sorts of people and problems, and the ability to build and lead a team which led to wonderful friendships that still remain to this very day. In 2012 during a professional luncheon meeting I was blessed with the opportunity to begin a new career in the oil & gas industry.  God does blesses places before people.  Talk about being at the right place at the right time. My belief in staying F.A.T (Faithful Available and Teachable) has allowed the good Lord to open the windows and doors of heaven and pour me out blessing after blessing.

The year 2012 was quite an eventful one for me.  During one of my morning mediations I asked myself what is my purpose. After traveling with my husband (Grand Master Herbert M. Ware) I sought membership to The Order of The Eastern Star.  As we traveled I watched my husband give and give his love of teaching sound Biblical and spiritual principles in our personal lives and to the Sisterhood and Brotherhood.  It was then I knew that this was the secret to living – To Give!  Being in the Order is a way of life.

    Mt. Tabor Grand Lodge
    P.O. Box 321476  
    Houston, TX 77221
    (281) 704-7541

    To aid young men and young women in Obtaining the Spirit of our Creator,  Maintaining the Spirit of our Creator,  Sharing the Spirit of our Creator,and providing aid to the elderly and destitute within our community. 

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