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Mt. Tabor Grand Lodge
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Reference Guide excerpt:

Every Mason makes a solemn declaration that he believes in the existence of one ever-living and True God, and in immortality of the soul, and that he is in search of everlasting life. Freemasonry ministers to the “Whole Man.” It pays attention to his secular and earthly interests, which promotes harmony and happiness; also it cultivates his moral and spiritual character. A Mason's progress in spiritual character is more important than his success in the world. Man's mental and spiritual capacity, along with his willingness to meet and perform, is imperative to the success of both the individual and the Order. The purpose of Masonry and the real purpose of Christian teachings are one and the same: Soul Regeneration — Building through faith and works ones spirit.

ARCHITECT REQUIRED. Every building must have an architect, every design a designer, every creation a creator. (See Col. 2:6-10) The spirit of a thing should reflect its Creator.

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    To aid young men and young women in Obtaining the Spirit of our Creator,  Maintaining the Spirit of our Creator,  Sharing the Spirit of our Creator,and providing aid to the elderly and destitute within our community. 

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