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Mt. Tabor Grand Lodge
Mt. Tabor Grand Lodge A.F & A.M.

After having been brought into the Masonic Order under a very spirit-filled lecture system, a group of brothers saw a deviation in teachings. Deciding to get back to the basics, on December 13, 2013, M.W. Mt. Tabor Grand Lodge A.F. & A.M. was formed. The name Mt. Tabor was taken from the Bible and it has great spiritual symbolism.

Under the special permission of the General Grand Masonic Congress and Ahiman Rezon (a Help to all that are, or would be a Free and Accepted Mason) Independent Supreme Council, the men of Mt. Tabor Grand Lodge went to work. Seeing a need for Peace, Power, and Prosperity within our ranks, Mt. Tabor Grand Lodge a 501(c) 3 organization set out to teach deeper understanding of the Masonry and Godly truths inculcated in our rituals. We are about the spiritual growth of our members, their families and the community. The names of lodges reflect spiritual meanings found in the Old Testament.

It is our intent and purpose to be of “added value” to all we meet, see and know. The Medieval Freemasons found out the truth about work, and it is our mission to impart those truths, which are:

1. To work is to produce, grow or make something, without which men and women cannot continue to live.

2. For this reason, work is neither a curse nor an inconvenience, but is a fact about man and the world.

3. Man is by nature a worker. It is only in his work that a man finds himself, his fulfillment and satisfaction.

4. If work fails, the world fails. No individual, church or government is more stupid than the one which denies
    men the liberty to work, or interferes with the liberties required by work.

We continue to build our Grand Lodge with Wisdom, Strength, and Beauty, by walking in the light and wisdom of God; building spiritually and growing together as Masons should do.

    Mt. Tabor Grand Lodge
    P.O. Box 321476  
    Houston, TX 77221
    (281) 704-7541

    To aid young men and young women in Obtaining the Spirit of our Creator,  Maintaining the Spirit of our Creator,  Sharing the Spirit of our Creator,and providing aid to the elderly and destitute within our community. 

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